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Anhui purification board which good? Classification and application field of purified plate

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Clean plate products are essential in clean workshop, medical clean room, purification workshop and other purification projects. Selecting excellent clean plate can save time and labor for enterprises and better ensure production and product quality. Anhui purification board which good? Anhui Weihao purification plate production purification products excellent, perfect service, rich experience, trustworthy.

Purification plate, also known as clean plate, is a composite plate with color coated plate, stainless steel and other materials as the surface material. Because purification plate has unique dust-proof, anti-static, antibacterial, high hardness, high compressive strength and other effects, purification plate is widely used in electronics, food, biology, medicine, hospital, aerospace, precision instrument manufacturing and scientific research, which have strict requirements on indoor environment Engineering.

Because of its strong material and strong toughness, the purified board has strong protection ability for buildings, so consumers can choose it at ease. Therefore, the purification board is widely used in various office buildings. Anhui Weihao environmental purification board Co., Ltd. produces purification board which looks high-grade, can set up a good image for the enterprise, and is a reliable health and environmental protection building material.

Different industries and different purification grades also have different requirements for purification plate selection. Anhui Weihao purification plate will show you the classification of purification workshop and the difference of various materials.

1. Glass magnesium plate color steel plate: it is a new type of non combustible decorative material, which is made of magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride and water ternary system, through the configuration and addition of modifier, with stable magnesium degree cementitious material, medium basic glass fiber mesh as reinforcement material and light material as filler. It is processed by special production process, with the characteristics of tasteless, non-toxic, fire-proof, waterproof, non freezing, non cracking, non corrosive, non combustible, constant, high strength and light weight, convenient construction, long service life, etc., and has composite special properties in the same products in the country.

2, mechanism sandwich panels: machine plate machinery production, once molding, filling rock wool, polyurethane, foam and other materials. Two sides are male and female connection. It is widely used in the non load bearing inner wall, roof, ceiling of industrial clean workshop and the load-bearing wall panel of single-layer composite building, mainly used in the purification partition and ceiling of clean workshops such as medicine, electronics, biology, semiconductor, food, etc.

3, polystyrene EPS foam sandwich panel: it is made of color steel sheet as surface layer, closed hole self extinguishing polystyrene foam as core material, and a new type of composite building material formed by bonding continuous color forming steel plate with high strength adhesive through automatic continuous forming machine. It is mainly applicable to the roof, public buildings, medicine, walls and electronics of industrial clean workshop, food clean workshop, combined cold storage, building plus floor, Business Pavilion, etc. Scope of application: workshop, office cabinet wall, external wall maintenance of steel structure room, decorative building materials, activity room office building, etc.

4. Manual notched rock wool board: both sides of the manual rock wool board can use color coated board, galvanized, stainless steel and other purification specific materials. The core material can be inorganic (glass magnesium board, gypsum board), aluminum silicate cotton, rock wool, pearl cotton, glass magnesium cotton, boiling board. Galvanized sheet cold drawn frame or plastic steel frame shall be used around. The product has the advantages of high strength, shock resistance, shock resistance, strong earthquake resistance and convenient construction and installation. Widely used in pharmaceutical, high-tech electronics, chemical food and other industries, such as purification room enclosure, ceiling, industrial plant, purification room, fire workshop, warehouse, cold storage, air conditioner siding.

5. Paper honeycomb sandwich panel: paper honeycomb clean sandwich panel is a new type of high-tech building material, which is the replacement product of traditional rock wool, EPS, PU and other traditional sandwich panel. Product performance: thickness 0.2mm ~ 1.0mm core material thickness:
50mm ~ 250mm effective height: 1000mm, 1200mm. Scope of application: office partition, workshop, external wall maintenance of steel structure room, decorative building materials, mobile room office building, etc.

6. Rock wool sandwich color steel plate: it is made of natural rock, blast furnace iron slag, etc., which are melted into silk at high temperature, and then solidified. It has a fire resistance of 600 ℃ and a fire resistance rating of a grade. Its core material is non combustible rock wool. If there are anti-corrosion and anti rust works, the surface material can be stainless steel plate surface.

With China's economic development, scientific and technological progress and the improvement of medical and health level, major cities have successively built and rebuilt clean rooms, and added or modified the original clean room system. Anhui Wei Hao purification board provides various products including foam color steel plate, rock wool color steel plate, glass magnesium color steel plate, phenolic color steel plate, polyurethane color steel plate, paper honeycomb color steel plate, rock wool handmade color steel plate, glass magnesium manual color steel plate, glass magnesium rock wool handmade plate, and so on, which is the preferred product for purifying workshop and dust-free workshop.

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