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Precautions for field protection of purification plate and classification and characteristics of purification plate

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Precautions for field protection of purification plate:
Precautions for unloading:
1. When the products arrive, the quality, length, quantity, transportation damage, etc. of the products shall be checked. If any damage is found, please mark it on the receipt and ask the driver to sign it, and be responsible for providing the damage description.
2. When mechanical unloading is adopted, the unloading shall be conducted on a solid and flat ground. When the fork contacts with the plate, the surface shall be covered with a soft cushion layer or plate to avoid damaging the plate.
3. During manual unloading and handling, protective gloves shall be worn to avoid the wear of the plate surface and ensure safety. Lift and handle gently. Lift the bottom with both hands. Do not lift the top panel separately to avoid tearing the panel. Do not drag it to avoid abrading and scratching the panel. Do not bend the panel. Otherwise, it will cause fracture of the filling material inside the panel and deformation of the panel surface.

The types of purification plate mainly include color steel rock wool purification plate, glass magnesium hollow purification plate, sulfur oxygen magnesium purification plate, stainless steel purification plate, galvanized purification plate, manual purification plate, etc. It is characterized by fire, moisture and corrosion resistance. Of course, when it comes to the purification plate, it is necessary to use the aluminum profile matched with the purification plate, as well as auxiliary parts such as rivets. At present, the country has strict environmental requirements for food factories, and more and more businesses are using purification boards, which is also the industry trend. The purification board can be made of nine kinds of core material, such as rock wool, polyurethane foam, silica rock, glass wool, paper honeycomb, pottery aluminum plate, glass and magnesium paper bee, and more than twenty kinds of surface materials, such as color steel plate, galvanized sheet, aluminized zinc light plate, stainless steel, printing steel plate, aluminum foil paper, PVC, three plywood, fiber cement board and so on.
Flame retardant paper honeycomb purification board: the paper honeycomb core is made of flame retardant paper, and the panel and the other panel can be made of color steel plate and stainless steel plate.

The rock wool purification board is a sandwich structure board, which is composed of color rigid molding board as the surface layer, structural rock wool as the core layer and special adhesive. It belongs to a clean board with strong fire protection effect, which can be blocked on four sides, and a reinforcing rib is added in the middle of the board, so that the board surface is more flat and has higher strength.
(1) Its flame retardancy is B1 (only carbonization does not burn).
(2) It has high rigidity, high strength, strong bearing capacity, good heat preservation and sound insulation effect, strong fire resistance and no toxic components.

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