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About Us

  Anhui WeiHao Environmental Purification Board Co. , Ltd was founded in 2016,  located in YangMiao  Industrial Zone,Hefei City, Anhui Province, production basement covers 20,000 square meters, purification panel, rock wool panel, magnesium oxide board, cold storage panel research and development, production, installation, after-sales as one of the safety of production standardization of secondary enterprises, quality service integrity 3A enterprises.


  In the several yearly development, Anhui Weihao  research and development team, excellent product quality, professional pre and after-sales team quickly occupied the national market. Purification project one-time pass the state-level quality system department test. Overseas product line radiated to Southeast Asia and Europe and North America markets, has been widely praised by customers.


R&D and Production capabilities:

l Weihao own a professional foaming materials and soundproof flame retardant material laboratory

l Fireproof material formulation system QC research team

l National quality certification purification panel, rock cotton panel, glass magnesium panel Automatic production line, silicon slab production line

l Polyurethane panel semi-automatic production line monthly production capacity of 1000 square meters

l 12 engineering builders, sales engineers


  Main product purification colored panel through ISO9001:2014  certification,The product range :Engineering with colored steel core purification panel, manual purification panel, rock cotton purification color steel panel;Polyurethane colored steel panel (cold storage panel);Silicon stone purification panel, aluminum honeycomb purification panel, paper honeycomb purification panel, stainless steel purification panel;Single-sided glass magnesium cotton panel, double-sided glass magnesium cotton panel, hollow glass magnesium purification panel;Aluminum honeycomb hand panel, paper honeycomb hand panel;Aluminum profiles for purifying panels.


  Applications: construction projects, industrial plants, garages, mobile homes, pavilions, gymnasiums, shopping centers, airports, power plants, hospitals and other fields.


  Weihao people bearing in mind to grasp the scientific development requirements of green environmental protection and energy conservation, integrity management, strictly control product quality, combine customer demand and the company's development direction, and constantly increase the research investment, improve the economical board industry, based on the local, looking forward to the international market,  contribute to the new energy-saving building materials industry. 

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